Castor Oil For Hairs

castor oils

Castor oil has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for centuries due to its rich nutrient content. The oil is pressed from castor beans, also known as the Ricinus communis plant, which originates in Northeastern tropical Africa. Castor oil is typically colorless or pale yellow, although it can be boiled with ash to create a darker black hue. The oil is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E, fatty acids, and minerals, which makes it an excellent choice for nourishing the hair and skin.

Use Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is great for your scalp and hair! To use, apply a few drops into your hands and massage into your scalp. You can also apply it through your hair strands for full coverage. Leave the oil in for 15-20 minutes (up to an hour or overnight) for a deep conditioning treatment, then rinse out with shampoo. Always do a patch test first to make sure the oil is suitable for your skin type.

castor oil


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